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You can promote your campaign on Backk Ventures by sharing it with your network and promoting it on social media.
Once your campaign ends, Backk Ventures transfers the funds raised, minus any taxes & transaction fees paid to payment gateway, to your bank account. You will need to provide your bank account details, ID Proofs on the platform to receive the funds.
Backk Ventures supports a variety of campaigns, including those for social causes, medical emergencies, treatments, educational initiatives, other causes. You can create a campaign for any legitimate purpose as long as it complies with the platform's terms of service.
To create a campaign on Backk Ventures, you need to sign up on the platform and provide details about your project or cause. You can then share the campaign with your network and promote it on social media to attract donations. Once the campaign ends, Backk Ventures transfers the funds raised, minus any taxes and transaction fees paid to the payment gateway, to your bank account.
Backk Ventures is a crowdfunding platform that enables individuals and non profit organizations to raise funds for their causes. Backk Ventures connects campaigners with potential donors and provides a user-friendly platform for creating and managing fundraising campaigns.

After your fundraiser is approved, you can submit the beneficiary's Indian bank account information which has an active IMPS service along with the photocopies of the following documents:

PAN card

Address proof - E-verification of Aadhar card


The bank statement or cancelled cheque or first page of the passbook should clearly mention the bank name, branch name, IFSC code, account number, and account holder's name.

Address proof should be valid at the time of submission and include the full address.

All documents should have the same name.

The documents should be easily readable and not blurred or cropped.

For medical campaigns:
Incase, if the beneficiary is minor. Then, the funds will be transferred into parents or hospitals bank account.
If the beneficiary does not have a bank account or other mandatory documents then post verification funds can be transferred into direct blood relatives account or hospital bank account.  

Not to worry! The raised amount will be credited to you after the transactional processing fee.

To upload the Medical documents follow the below steps: Visit www.backk.org

  1. Sign in to your Backk account with the registered user name.
  2. Click on “My Campaign”.
  3. click on "Upload Images"
  4. Click on “Upload medical documents
  5. After uploading click submit. 

No Backk we do not charge any fees to fundraisers, there is no platform fees, we only deduct transaction charge paid to third-party payment gateways, the maximum it is below 5%.

Login to your dashboard, go to update panel, post the updated information.