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Backk is an online free fundraising crowdfunding platform that enables individuals, nonprofits, and social communities to raise funds for a variety of causes. Our platform provides an easy and transparent way for people to connect with causes they care about and support each other's efforts to create positive change. We are committed to transparency and accountability. All donations made through our platform are tracked and audited, ensuring that the funds are used for their intended purpose. Our team is also available to provide guidance and support to fundraisers throughout their campaign.

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Raising Funds for Cardiac Ambulance-Madh Jankalyan area Malad west

Dear Citizens,Warm regards from MYC Foundation, Sec 8 Company , a registered NPO ( Non...

Raised: ₹1

Goal: ₹2,500,000

Sneha Sagar Society

The education of the world's children is high on the global agenda. In the context...

Raised: ₹1

Goal: ₹700,000

Tax Benefit: Require funds for girl child education

This is test campaign: Require funds for girl child education, 80G Tax Benefit

Raised: ₹0

Goal: ₹25,000

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At Rs 8,445 crore, Indian billionaires give 59% more in FY23

Indian billionaires have increased their charitable donations, with 119...

International Child Day


Girl Child

Celebrating International Day of the Girl Child in India: 11th October


Every year on October 11th, the world comes together to celebrate the International Day of...


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